Education Management & Control

Using a Rubric Assessment System:

This is a form of a matrix or grid, a tool used to interpret and grade students’ work against criteria and standards
Sometimes called “criteria sheets”, “grading schemes”, or “scoring guides”. Rubrics can be designed for any content domain
Great flexibility, allowing institutions to setup the easiest to the most complex mark structures as required
Students are able to view their marks online and update their details, as necessary

Multiple campuses and printing of student cards
Students managed from pre-administration through to admission, exams & certification

  • Manage student and leads – Web enquiry & Applications, SMS & Email, Diallers (integrate call centres)
  • Maintain courses – pricing structures, flexible mark structuring, Certification process, Pass by credits/subjects
  • Provide study material (PDF, printing& downloading can be disallowed to protect intellectual property)
  • Student Financials – interface with automated finances solution
  • Student App – database link (marks, attendance, study material, assignment submission, update details), Communications, e-Learning

Student App

  • The student app is directly linked to the EMC database, which can give the students access to their marks, study material, assignment submission and even allow them to update their details.
  • The student app provides the perfect tool to communicate notices, study tips and promotions to students.
  • EMC is able to monitor how many students make use of the app and which features are used most often
  • The app is multi-platform allowing it to be used on IOS, Android, Windows & Blackberry
  • This is a great tool to build your brand and can be linked to Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.
  • Can facilitate online learning

Manage Leads

  • Web enquiry interfaces directly with EMC, reducing capturing time
  • Easy to use email & SMS functionality to send bulk or individual messages to prospects
  • Ability to integrate with diallers to maximize efficiency in call centres
  • Activities can be automatically created for specific users to ensure that tasks (i.e. follow ups) are completed timeously
  • Reports to facilitate analysis of data
  • EMC standard filter functionality allows the user to view specific sections of data at any time

Student Courses

  • Courses are setup as required comprising specific subjects and can be contact, distance or self paced
  • Pricing can be done per course or per subject. Price increases can be automatically increased by a percentage by a click of a button
  • Subject mark structure setup is flexible, allowing for a multitude of different setups per subject
  • Courses can be setup to be passed by number of subjects passed or amount of credits obtained
  • Certification process is monitored and certificates can be printed straight out of EMC
  • Comprehensive reporting on students’ progress are available for student and lecturer use as well as a multitude of other reports
  • Security of marks and data is controlled by permissions which allow users access to only what they should have access to

Student Finances

  • EMC can control all student financial details through use of journals which are automatically generated as the student enrols, cancels or adds courses / subjects.
  • There is a debtors balance enquiry which gives a clear, accurate and easy to use summary of each student’s finances.
  • Payments received can be entered into EMC manually through journal entries, or imported / exported to and from Pastel.
  • EMC can also interface with other automated finance solutions such as Netcash, Sagepay and Pay@ amongst others to facilitate debit orders.

Study Material

  • Study Material can be uploaded to EMC per subject in PDF format
  • EMC has the ability to display certain study material on the student web portal but disallow printing and downloading, thus protecting the institution’s intellectual property.
  • EMC also has a sophisticated dispatch system which tracks which study material should be sent to which student, when.
  • There is also functionality to send certain study material items after a certain amount has been received from the student.

Manage Students

  • Online applications can be done via the web
  • Unique student numbers can be automatically generated with specific numbers for certain campuses, year of study etc.
  • Student cards can be printed straight from EMC, through interfacing with printers
  • Personal, education, society, address, admin and contact details are all stored in an easy to use and organised fashion
  • Emails and SMSs can easily be sent to a group of students or individual students. Email templates and attachments allow for easy and consistent communication
  • Students can be managed from pre-application all the way through to admission, assignments, exams and certification
  • Student details can be updated, marks and notifications be made available on the student portal (web) or on the app

PRICE MODEL University –  ZAR228,200 

1 company, 5 concurrent users
General Ledger, Debtors & Creditors, Workflow, Relationship Management
Education Management (includes Student, course, exam and lecturer control)
Student Web Portal (Online marks, registration, update of details, prospective student and exam venue information)
OPTIONAL Inventory and Purchasing +-R62,400
Fixed assets, Inventory Control, Sales & Purchase Order Processing, Point of Sale

Preschool management software

A comprehensive student course, personal information, subject, certification and student prospect administration and management system

Bulk and individual SMS’s sent via system automatically or manually

Detailed reporting and export to Excel functionality

  • Capture children’s, parents & emergency details
  • Attendance registers
  • Send emails with attachments
  • Easily move children between classes
  • Print class lists
  • Re-registration document automatically completed
  • Automated communication furnished with unique information

Includes web-based solution for teachers and principals


Unlimited students, setup fee and training
Education Management (includes Student information, course, exam and lecturer control)
Student Web Portal (Online marks, registration, update of details, prospective student and exam venue information) 

Amount stated in ZAR (South African Rands), does not include support.
The  rates stated are indicative and are subject to review based on the specific assignment enquiry.
Terms and conditions apply