eHealth Solution

Solution Overview

The eHealth Solution is a industry application tailored for our Healthcare customer needs.

It is an integrated Hospital Management Solution that comprises of best practice operating processes to provide improved patient management services.

It is supported by EOH accelerators based on our in-depth healthcare and patient management specialisation and domain expertise in order to fast track implementations.

  • Business Challenges
    Increased demand for healthcare from citizens
    Inaccurate patient records and incomplete patient accounting and billing
    Incomplete medical records
    Challenges with ambulatory care management, clinical management and equipment management
    Issues with security of inventory of drugs and pharmaceuticals
  • Business Benefits
    Seamless integration of hospital management processes
    Connected Departments for improved scheduling and communication enhance efficiency and patient experience Improved quality of care
    One Medical Record – single source
    Secure, Integrated Real Time Processing
    Enhanced Pharmacy & Drugs Management
    Reduced fraud and pilferage
  • Solution Components
    The eHealth Solution is built on the SAP Platform with value added solution extensions and accelerators: The SAP Solution components includes:
    SAP IS-Healthcare
    SAP Pharmacy Management

SAP eHealth Solution

SAP e-Health assists hospitals to operate with a complete, integrated Health Management Information System that enables effective patient information, financial and inventory management. The comprehensive approach of e-Health, powered by SAP, ensures that hospitals function optimally with a real time 360-degree view of operations to provide efficient medical care.

Solution Stack:


Patient Management
Records Management
Equipment Management
Inventory Management

Human Capital

Management and Payroll
Document Management


Environmental Health and Safety


Materials Management


Hospital Pharmacy


Business Intelligence
Audit Information Systems

Problem Statement

  • Fragmented manual systems slowed down patient admission and treatment
  • Manual patient records management was prone to errors and were plagued by data duplication. The bulky paperwork also demanded excessive storage space.
  • Lack of comprehensive patient data with regards to patient observation, consultation, procedure and drug administration.
  • Inability to generate timely and relevant information for decision making.
  • Lack of solid information security and data access control.
  • Financial management was inefficient and tedious; there was too little data security and reporting periods were prolonged.

Benefits of eHealth Solution

  • Integration of processes via e-Health translates to a seamless health service experience – from admissions through to discharging.
  • Readily available patience data including medical history ensuring quick time to service.
  • Robust data access control has improved data security and privacy.
  • End-to-end system-based hospital management increases operational capacity and productivity.
  • Enhanced financial management improves access to comprehensive and missioncritical financial information.
  • Real-time and comprehensive reports will improve decisionmaking