Food Industry Solution

FULL SCOPE End to End Solutions

Core Finance
Accounting and Closing Operations (S/4 CLD)
Accounting and Closing Operation
Cost Management and Profitability Analysis (S/4)
Finance Operations > Receivables, Management

Streamlined Procure to Pay
Supplier Management (S/4 CLD)
Collaborative Sourcing and Contract Management (S/4 CLD)
Operational Purchasing (S/4 CLD)
Inventory Management (S/4 CLD)

Invoice and Payables
Management (S/4 CLD)
Procurement Analytics (S/4 CLD)

Accelerated Plan to Product
Basic Production Planning (S/4 CLD)
Basic Production Processing (S/4 CLD)
Inventory Management (S/4 CLD)
Maintenance Management (S/4 CLD)
Compliant Product Lifecycle Management (S/4 CLD)

Optimized Order to Cash
Order and Contract Management (S/4 CLD)
Inventory Management (S/4 CLD)
Receivables Processing (S/4 CLD)

Application Platform and Infrastructure
Social Collaboration

  • Pre-delivered best practices, tools, and content
  • Easy to add additional functionality; Flexibility to Extend.
  • Fixed Timeline and Price
  • Fast Return on Investment
  • Increase business agility
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Improved governance and compliance
  • More Intelligent ERP

Profitability for Investors


Technology advancements
New Legal Changes
Low profitability
React quickly for actions
Growth pressure
Good Quality
Delivery Performance
Reduce Wastage’s
Financial Consolidation


Investment in new automatic process
Increase profitability
Accelerating delivery
Merger and acquisitions
Innovative processes
Equipment efficiency
Scaling of growth
Streamline procurement
International food quality processes
Social Collaboration

  • Package Main Benefits

    • Managing Constant pressure from market to change product ingredients for healthy options using recipe management solutions and ensuring controlled costs.
    • Managing differentiation in an oversaturated marketplace using social collaboration.
    • Managing Traceability and Maintain international food quality standards.
    • Helping business to manage customer demands and behavior changes.
    • Reduce manual work in a temperature controlled environment using IOT
    • Financially Calculate the Profitability at product level.
    • Cost Distribution for expenses allocation to arrive at correct costing values.
    • Collections , Credits and Dispute Management to manage cash flows
    • Sales Planning tools for sales management based on quotations success rates.
    • Returnables Processing for pallets/cartoons/containers for re-usage.