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Run your entire business on an intelligent cloud ERP software suite

We have a large number of resources that we can make available for any requirements that you may have, from individual short term assignments, to adhoc support, to scoped delivery of specific solutions.  Please review the table of resources below, if you would like to book any of these resources, send an email to quoting the Resource  reference number quoted in the first column.

Manage your business with a single cloud ERP solution for fast-growing, mid-market businesses to scale and compete without the complexity and cost.

Connect every function across your company to time-tested best practices and in-depth analytics.

  • Intelligent cloud ERP: Streamlined end-to-end processes
  • Instant value: Enables agility to quickly adapt for new opportunities 
  • Business impact: Real-time analytics included to help improve profits and efficiency 

Key Benefits


Experience a single end-to-end cloud solution powered by proven business processes and delivered in a quick-to-implement package.

Built for growth

Leverage a dynamic, configurable solution that’s built to scale to help your company become more efficient and keep growing with your business.


Get full transparency to make informed decisions every day with analytics that are built into every process.

Key Capabilities


Get a real-time view of your financial situation, streamline your core accounting processes, and better manage cash and liquidity.

Customer relationship management

Expertly manage your marketing, sales, and service processes – and drive customer engagement – by integrating your front-office and back-office processes into one solution.

Human resources

Streamline HR processes, such as organization management, workforce administration, time and attendance, and employee self-service.

Project management

Organize projects of any size and complexity with integration across all functional areas to help your teams manage, deliver, and monitor projects in real time.


Manage sourcing and contracting, including strategic sourcing, RFQ processing, and supplier base management, and empower employees with self-service procurement capabilities.

Supply chain management

Model your internal and external supply and integrate the value chain for cost transparency, up-to-date inventory valuation, and a tight process integration.  


With customers in more than 100 countries and globalization and translation toolkits built on local best practices, SAP Business ByDesign provides the agility to adapt to tax requirements, languages, and currencies for quick entry to new markets.

Security and Compliance

Data security

Focus on your business and customer relationships, trusting that your data is safe and reliable. Our proactive, predictive approach helps ensure compliance and data security.

Data protection and privacy

Protect the rights of employees, applicants, customers, suppliers, partners, and others with SAP solutions that preserve data ownership, security, and privacy.


Trust that our products meet the latest compliance and security standards, thanks to external reviews and audits, as well as our use of one common framework worldwide.

SAP Business ByDesign Implementation Process

SAP Launch methodology

SAP Launch is the methodology that ensures a successful SAP Business ByDesign implementation by prescribing the implementation activities and the resulting deliverables. SAP Launch methodology ensures that the solution will be delivered on time and will meet all the agreed requirements. This process specifically supports SAP cloud-based solutions and our partners are prepared to guide customers step-by-step from the first kick-off meeting through the implementation of SAP Business ByDesign. SAP Launch is for Business ByDesign is structured into four implementation phases: Prepare, Realize, Verify, Launch. Each phase includes work streams, deliverables, workshops, and quality gate.  

A Project Verification Quality Gate is complete when all stakeholders agree on the scope to be delivered during each of the four phases of the implementation.


Implementation starts with the Prepare phase which covers work streams and deliverables for:Project Management, Solution Design and Integration Preparation. This phase ensures that the project is planned accurately and the implementation scope is determined.

  • Project Management – starts with handover to the services delivery team where the goals, objective sand success metrics are decided; project planning, kick-off and execution follow.
  • Solution Design – review best practices and define the configuration to confirm project scope.
  • Integration Preparation – validate the integration, making sure the security and infrastructure prerequisites have been met.


The Realize phase helps to ensure that the agreed scope is manageable within the system and if needed, the adjustments are made.

  • Project Management – the project execution deliverable continues to control project status and risk management.
  • Project Team Enablement – with the project initiation, the project team is preparing for the project and working with the solution.
  • Solution Configuration – system configuration and testing with the sample customer data.
  • Solution Walkthrough – demonstration to the customer how the end-to-end processes will look within the system.


The Verify phase ensures the system and people are ready to switch from the previous systems and run their processes in SAP Business ByDesign.

  • Project management – continues with control of the project statutes and risk management.
  • Data migration – deliverables go through all phases starting with the data preparation to its further cleansing and testing within the system.
  • Integration setup – initial testing within the test tenant and then uploading to the production tenant.
  • Solution Testing – once the testing documentation is prepared, customer fully tests the system with the migrated data.
  • Cutover planning – identification and scheduling of all the tasks and resources.


The Launch Phase is the final step that ensures successful solution adoption and usage of the solution.

  • Project management – customer handover to SAP Support and the project closure.
  • Solution Adoption – adoption preparation and execution. Customer uses the change management plan to roll out the new solution within the organization.
  • Cutover execution – Go-Live with a productive system.

Product Capabilities

  1. Finance
  2. Customer Relationship Management
  3. Human Resources
  4. Project Management
  5. Procurement
  6. Supply Chain Management
  7. Industry Specific Functionality
  8. Globalization
  9. In-memory Database