SAP SuccessFactors

HR and People Engagement

Take charge of change by shifting from transactional human capital management (HCM) to end-to-end experiences. See how SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite can help create a more flexible, engaged workforce and a more resilient business.

Employee Experience Management

Give employees every opportunity to do and be their best. Listen to their feedback, make the most of their benefits, and keep them engaged with exceptional employee experiences.

Reduce attrition, retain and develop employees, drive engagement, optimize benefits, and increase workforce productivity.
Turn employees into ambassadors – Improve the employee experience by better understanding the key drivers of engagement.

Solution benefits

  • Ability to identify and close employee experience gaps at key touch points during the employment lifecycle
  • Insights into the key drivers of employee engagement in order to prioritize actions with the biggest impact
  • Fast, affordable, and confident identification of the optimal benefits package based on employee preferences and budget constraints

Business value

  • Create a motivated and productive workplace
  • Motivate engaged employees to provide exceptional customer experiences
  • Reduce attrition by understanding exit feedback and making improvements 

Core HR and Payroll

Support your employees wherever and however they need to work – with global solutions for core HR, payroll, time tracking, benefits admin, HR service delivery, and more.

Manage a global workforce with flexible cloud solutions for core HR, payroll, service delivery, and work visa management.

People, profiles, and transactions

Apply HR data and practices to standardize processes and transactions, run employee self-services, and simplify compliance.

Organizational management

Model and visualize your company and use embedded analytics to get real-time insight into your entire workforce.

Time and attendance tracking

Track time, attendance, and absences for all employees, while automatically calculating employee time and pay.

Global benefits management

Simplify and streamline the management of employee benefits across the globe.

Optimize core HR
People, profiles, and transactions
Organizational management
Time and attendance tracking
Global benefits management

Manage payroll
Accurate payroll monitoring
Standardized payroll processing
Connected HR management

Streamline HR Services
Integrated HR knowledge base
HR ticketing
Embedded HR service analytics
Service-level agreement (SLA) compliance

Manage visa and permits
Visa and permits compliance
Optimized recruiting and onboarding
Real-time insights and reporting
Support for complex requirements

Centralize document management
Streamlined document management
Simplified access to employee documents
Reduced compliance risk
Automated HR document generation

Solution benefits

  • A single global core HR platform with consistent and standardized HR processes focused on the entire workforce
  • True self-service to support automation, improve data quality, and elevate HR service delivery with real-time processes
  • A solution used by over 200 countries with deep localization delivered and maintained for more than 98 countries

Business value

  • Ensure process harmonization across your business and improve organizational results
  • Increase productivity and simplify everyday transactions with self-services that keep workers engaged, connected, and informed
  • Improve the bottom line and reduce risk by leveraging embedded localization and best practices

Talent Management

Adapt quickly to fluctuating talent needs – with powerful software for recruiting, onboarding, performance, compensation, learning, succession and development.

Hire the best candidates; connect and guide new hires; and optimize workforce performance, engagement, and productivity.

Solution benefits

  • Individualized, relevant, and meaningful talent experiences
  • Guidance and recommendations throughout the employee journey to empower employees each step of the way
  • Continuous capabilities for performance, reward and recognition, learning, development, and talent planning

Business value

  • Streamline hiring activities with automated, centrally managed global processes
  • Improve engagement and productivity with intelligent capabilities that suggest successors, careers, training, and mentors
  • Retain valuable employees by creating clear, compelling career paths

HR Analytics and Workforce Planning

Make smarter decisions faster, using data-driven insights in every HR process, using people-analytics and workforce-planning tools to improve performance company-wide.

Drive performance and results with data-driven insights across all your HR processes in the cloud.

SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics
Standardized HR metrics
Data trending
Actionable analytics
Trusted, integrated data foundation

SAP Digital Boardroom
Intelligent meetings
Instant data-driven insights
Planning and simulation
Best-practice business content

SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Planning
Strategic workforce planning
Operational headcount planning
Financial modeling and impact analysis

Solution benefits

  • Better alignment of HR with corporate strategy to drive growth
  • Identification of risks and opportunities related to your workforce so you can quickly take action
  • Increased understanding of key people metrics to make strategic decisions and move the business forward

Business value

  • Tell compelling, evidence-based stories about your workforce with interactive HR analytics and visualizations
  • Make faster, more informed decisions based on data-driven insight across all HR processes 
  • Keep your finger on the pulse of your workforce and reduce bias in decision-making