Smart Farmer

Smart Farmer is a SAP-powered technology solution connecting agricultural communities to value adding services through networks with markets, suppliers, service providers, other farmers and relevant government departments. This is done through the provision of user-friendly, efficient and flexible ICTbased services which cut across many functions and access channels.

The value proposition of Smart Farmer is to assist farming communities and other stakeholders in doing things smarter, with transparency, accountability and efficiency, while driving profitability.

Problem Statement

Agricultural communities currently face countless challenges that have a negative impact on their business. These are:

  • inadequate access to extension services,
  • weak direct networks with ecosystems,
  • and limited real-time information on disease outbreaks and national, regional and international market prices.

Some of these challenges are more critical than others; the lack of insight and access to markets often results in revenue loss to unscrupulous middlemen who buy from disempowered producers and resell to markets at marginally higher prices.

Poor disease warning and related systems lead to loss of produce worth millions every year. All these challenges are characterized by the common root of lack of access to crucial information on-the-go. Smart Farmer tackles these problems through simple but sophisticated SAP technologies which provide comprehensive and current information critical for the success of agricultural communities.

Addressing Problem Statement

As a response to the problems faced by agricultural communities, Smart Farmer provides the following services:

  • Peer to Peer communication for Farmer to Farmer Interaction
  • Farmer-to-Government Communication
  • Government-to-Farmer Communication
  • Government-to-Government Communication
  • Price tracking and reporting
  • Agricultural Alert Systems (sending and receiving)
  • Commodities offer and bid facilitation
  • Location services for service providers
  • Production Information Systems e.g. Best practices, planning, etc
  • E-extension services

These services assist farmers throughout the production cycle – from planning to sale stages, whether locally, regionally or globally. Smart Farmer offers a new way through which information systems in agriculture are vastly improved.

Benefits of SMART Farmer Solution

There are various benefits to be derived from using Smart Farmer. These include:-

  • Increased agricultural production – Farmers benefit from the availability of information which directly impacts their planning and production
  • Improved capacity for planning – Because Smart Farmer provides government with real time information on aspects concerning the agricultural cycle, the technology increases capacity for more effective planning
  • Improved profitability for farmers – vailability of real-time information on prices and trends helps farmers to make calculated financial decisions
  • Provision of early warning systems – Smart Farmer helps in protecting investments through early warning systems against factors such as crop and animal diseases
  • Elimination of barriers to markets – improved connection between farmers and markets eases trading
  • Effective communication within the farming community (peer-to-peer) – improves collaboration and information exchange
  • Access to technical support on-the-go – Smart Farmer facilitates access to extension services electronically, thereby improving turnaround times and support
  • Improved knowledge management

Accessibility of Solution

Smart Farmer is modeled to provide easy access. From basic SMS systems to Internet connections, Smart Farmer is built to suit the needs of all farmers. Services can be accessed using basic mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers through SMS, email and internet facilities. Access will be increased by Service Access Points such as kiosks in rural areas. It guarantees access on-the-go, in any place and at any time.

The Smart Farmer solution is powered by SAP technology which provides a platform for increased adaptability and openness. The platform enables aefortless integration and interfacing of different systems and services into one holistic package. In addition, the technology allows for multi-channel access by various stakeholders onto the platform.