Smart Retail and Analyzer

Smart Retail Analytics is meant to provide detailed insights about customers and products inside the retail stores, Gathering and analyzing customer interactions and behavior around the shelf, finding valuable insights to consumer products manufacturers, and retail companies placing its products at the store at a broader term, tracking the planogram of the shelfs.

Continuous Retail tracking and analysis Vision

Better Store Operations will benefit the consumer in an indirect way:

  • Having a better store experience within the store
  • minimize the barriers of setting up the stakeholders’ network & deploying the solutions
  • Generate powerful insights that tackles different business aspects
  • Generate reports discussing trends in the retail industry, to enhance the industry needs

Key feature

  • Products Analysis
  • Shelf Analysis
  • Planogram
  • Check products and prices
  • Product abandon
  • Customer Analysis
  • Customer profiling
  • Customer Behavior
  • Indoor tracking
  • Automated checkout

Technologies and Technical aspects

Data Science and Business Intelligence

Customer analysis
Product Analysis
Business Intelligence

Computer Vision and Deep learning

Convolution Neural Network
Video Streaming
Object Tracking (SLAM Tracking)


Network inside store