Social Services Management Solution 

Solution Overview

The Social Services Management (SSM) Solutions is designed to optimizes benefits management processes towards delivering better citizen social security service, while improving operational efficiency.

Through a co-innovation partnership with SAP the solution was a first of its kind in Africa, providing an end-to-end solution, from contribution collections, benefit application to payment execution. It is supported by accelerators based on our in-depth industry expertise in order to fast track implementations.

  • Business Challenges
    Inability to effectively manage social security systems for citizens unable to work due to sickness, disability, workplace injury, maternity or retirement
    Time-consuming manual processes
    Complex scenarios and calculations of benefits
    Fraud in departments
    Disintegrated systems
    High error rates
  • Business Benefits
    End-to-end solution, from member registration, to contribution collections, benefit application to payment execution
    Improved contribution & claims management
    Biometric identification
    Online portal application
    High security and audit trails
    Improved customer experience
    Pre-defined processes
    Flexible architecture
  • Solution Components
    The SSM Solution is built on the SAP Platform with value added solution extensions and accelerators: The SAP Solution components includes:
    SAP SS Platform
    SAP Case Management