Tax and Revenue Management Solution

Solution Overview

The Tax & Revenue Management (TRM) Solution is an Integrated Tax & Revenue Administration system to incorporate best practice operating processes and an optimised business rules framework through our in depth tax and revenue specialisation and domain expertise.

It provides an end-to-end solution for e-Filing, Filing compliance and returns reconciliation, Revenue collections & disbursements, Taxpayer case management, Revenue Accounting and Account Registration

Business Challenges

Diverse tax payer base
Disintegrated tax payer service
Increasing targets of revenue and leakage
Disjointed and multiple IT systems
Inability to accurately and timeously determine (assess), collect, account for, measure , and report tax revenue to fiscal authority & the public whilst enforcing compliance

Business Benefits

Seamless integration of tax processes
Fast, efficient and real-time reporting
Increased collection efficiency
Fast detection of non-filers and non-compiler
Taxpayer connect endless – 360 degree view
Improved level of service
Enhance ability to extract reports

Solution Components

Built on the SAP Platform with value added solution extensions and accelerators 
The SAP Solution components includes: